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Together for the sea

Gallery pictures with artwork 3 parts
Kunstwerk Meer zeigt Wassertextur

Become a cooperation partner

Our cooperation partners are an important pillar of our commitment. We warmly invite marine conservation organizations, clubs and companies to become part of our OCEAN GALLERY network and to actively participate in our work.

Why become a cooperation partner?

Common goal:As a marine conservation organization, association or company, we share a common goal - protecting the oceans and achieving the United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDGs). 

Sustainability and responsibility:Companies that are aware of the environmental impact of their activities can underline their contribution to environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals by partnering with us.

Unser Angebot 

Founder Julia Ochs speaks in front of works of art

Employee tours, Lectures & Workshops

We offer employee tours, lectures and workshops to raise awareness and inspire your team for marine conservation. A great opportunity to make your ESG strategy in the company tangible using a concrete example. 

Visitors in the gallery


The gallery sees itself as a platform and space to bring people together around important environmental issues. We look forward to your event idea. 

Gallery pictures with artwork 3 parts

Art and marine conservation
at work

Enrich your office or practice with the fascinating and protected beauty of the sea.Mit Your company actively supports the purchase of our works of artdifferent 
Marine conservation projects. 

Get in touch! 

Eberhardstraße 3
70173 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 711 45262715

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