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Alnitak Research Institute

A team of Spanish marine researchers is fighting for the preservation and regeneration of the Mediterranean ecosystem.

The Alnitak Research Institute is a Spanish non-profit organization founded by two young Greenpeace activists. Since 1989 they have been sailing the Mediterranean aboard the historic sailing ship Toftevaag to protect the oceans.

We can all do our part to protect the oceans" Alexander Sánchez Jones, Alnitak

With donations, we contribute to important Alnitak environmental education and research programs. With their data, they make an important contribution to the implementation of marine protection areas and thus a sustainable contribution to the protection of the Mediterranean Sea and its inhabitants. You are a small organization and can therefore act very flexibly and quickly.

The Risso's Project

The Risso's dolphin is a lesser-known and mysterious species of dolphin recently listed as Vulnerable in the Mediterranean Sea by the IUCN.

Since 2018, Alnitak has focused on monitoring the population around the Balearic Islands (Spain), compiling a photo identification catalog and collecting data on their presence around the islands, with a focus on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) such as the Cabrera National Park -Archipelago. In this video, researcher Alexander Sánchez Jones describes her work with the Risso defines.


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