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Pro Ocean

An organization against ocean plastic.

Pro Ocean is committed to people, animals and plants that live on and in the ocean. They save animals from dying from ocean plastic, protect mangrove forests, explain to children what can be caused by discarded plastic and think about what they can do with the waste they collect.

It is extremely important to them to involve the local people. They tackle the causes of ocean plastic and other waste where it is produced – on land. In addition, they do not need any expensive technology and thus use the donations very effectively. They offer local people safe and fairly paid jobs and thus create change through participation.

We are working for a world without ocean plastic and other waste." Bastian Günther | Pro Ocean

A donation to Pro Ocean is an important step in collecting and recycling ocean plastic, but a change in consumer behavior is always needed, says Basti from Pro Ocean. "No change leads to a permanent cycle of disposal and cleaning. ", he explains.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

A good example of this is mopping up spilled water on the floor while the faucet is still running and the water continues to flow onto the floor.

A long-term goal should therefore be the elimination of single-use plastic and towards reusable or recyclable packaging.


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